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Artistic Essentials: 10 Must-Have Items in My Studio

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Are you ready to step into my colorful world as a full-time artist?

I weave dreams into reality, and the heart of this creativity lies in my studio.

Today, I'm thrilled to share with you the top 10 must-have items that fuel my artistic passion and keep me inspired on a daily basis.

**I have linked each item just in case!**


1. **Meeden Standing Easel**: My trusty companion. It's the foundation of my studio, supporting my canvases as I bring my visions to life. With the ability to hold one extra-large canvas or two smaller canvases at the same time, this easel is a life saver when my ADHD is in full effect working on multiple pieces. Plus its ability to lay flat like a table top saves my work space!


2. **Tabletop Easel**: For those days when I want to sit and create, this little gem works perfectly. This is also a GREAT starter easel if you are just beginning. I have had mine for over 10 years. It gives me the ability to hold small medium and some large canvases if you remove the top stopper (hint hint) this is how I got away with not buying a big easel early on in my career.


3. **Corner Desk**: My corner desk is the birthplace of all my creative ideas. It's where I plan, sketch, and organize my business. With ample space for my supplies, it's a true hub of innovation. I use one side for all of my business needs and the other is for my small easel. Having three power cord holes it's great for changing up your space easily.


4. **Kneeling Chair**: This unique chair keeps me comfortable during long hours of work. It's essential for maintaining good posture and reducing strain on my back, ensuring I can focus on my art without distractions. There are health benefits to it too, google them!


5. **Printers Galore**: A dynamic duo of printers is a must. My large format printer brings my digital art to life on a grand scale, while the smaller one helps me with everyday tasks like prints for sale or personal references. I use both of my printers on the daily. The large format printer allows me to print up to 24in wide and on a continuous roll feed, while my smaller desktop printer is my workhorse, pushing out all of my art prints and shipping labels. The Ecotank feature lets me print more for less cost! I get over 400 prints in one tank, excluding cost of paper, that's less than 10 cents a print.


6. **GoPro Camera**: Innovation is essential, and the GoPro captures my artistic process from a whole new perspective. Whether it's time-lapses or art demonstrations, this camera adds an exciting dimension to my content. I use my GoPro to capture the full-length moments in my studio. It's great to have as b reel footage when i am at a loss for what to post.


7. **Phone Stand**: In this digital age, quick snapshots and live streams are essential for connecting with fellow artists and art enthusiasts. My phone stand ensures I'm always camera-ready. Allowing me to get the perfect angle hands free or take those long studio session time lapse videos, my phone stand does more work than I do.


8. **Lighting**: Proper lighting can make or break the ambiance in my studio. Adjustable, natural light mimicking bulbs set the stage for my creativity. They help me see every detail and bring my colors to life. These are especially great on cloudy days when my studio just can't get enough light, and bonus they are amazing for social media lighting too.


9. **Projector**: My projector opens up endless possibilities, from transferring sketches to canvases to enlarging references for precise details and helping me to accomplish large scale murals. It's a true game-changer for my work.


10. **iPad**: Last but not least, my iPad Pro is my powerhouse. It allows me to experiment with digital art, carry my portfolio wherever I go, and stay organized with art-related apps. I can easily whip out my iPad pencil when I am inspired and create art anywhere.


Each of these items is more than just studio equipment; they're a part of my creative process, shaping the way I create and connect with my audience. They keep me motivated, organized, and inspired to bring my art to new heights.

Whether you're a fellow artist or simply art-curious, I hope these essential studio tools inspire you to explore your own creative potential. Remember, it's not about the gear, but the passion and dedication you put into your art. AND you do not have to have everything at once! So, keep those brushes moving and let your creativity shine!

Until next time, stay high and keep creating.

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