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Rolling in Flavor: Unveiling the Magic of Backwoods Cigars

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Indulging in my passion for smoking Backwoods blunts led me down an unexpected and creative path. As I noticed the staggering amount of waste generated from the wrappers, a spark ignited within me. Why not blend my affection for blunts with my art? And so, the idea to craft something truly unique was born.

Yes, you read that right – I'm an avid Backwoods enthusiast. Little did I know, this undertaking would challenge me in ways I couldn't foresee. The hours of dedication, preparation, and careful execution for the project was both a rewarding experience and an unforeseen trial.


Backwoods cigars, a staple for tobacco enthusiasts, offer a unique smoking experience. Originating in 1973, these American-made cigars provide pre-rolled tobacco leaves that can be enjoyed as is or creatively infused with magic flowers to craft a blunt. Delivered in packs of five, Backwoods cigars are not only known for their rich culture but also for their vibrant foil wrappers featuring striking digital designs.


In crafting my cigar canvas, I merged the iconic Backwoods logo with my art style. The result is a visual masterpiece that pays homage to Backwoods while presenting a fresh perspective on the cannabis motif.

The creative process began with a meticulous undertaking. The initial step involved washing each wrapper, as their tobacco scent lingered. Following that, a careful downsizing of the wrappers took place. Seam by seam, logos were delicately cut, and surgeon general warnings were removed with a razor blade. This process spanned four days.

Moving on to the next part of the prep process, the focus was adhering each wrapper onto the canvas surface. This step posed a challenge as it demanded precision in wrapping each foil around the canvas's edges and corners. I designed and printed various elements depicting the essence of Backwoods cigars. Through what seemed like an endless stream of modge podge, the background slowly took shape, resulting in a visually captivating assemblage.

When the moment arrived to apply the painting part I was envisioning an ode to the backwoods and their evolving culture. I aimed to infuse my distinct perspective into the artwork. My creation took shape, designed with the stoner ethos in mind. I depicted a newly rolled blunt stuffed with green cannabis calyx and abundant trichomes. To ensure its longevity, I sealed the piece with a resilient glass finish spray paint, followed by a thorough resin immersion, safeguarding every element from detachment or decay.

In conclusion, my choice of Backwoods beautifully encapsulated my passion for blunts, paying homage to the fusion of cannabis and tobacco. I invested 60 hours in crafting this canvas to mirror the dedication and artistry that go into rolling the perfect Backwoods blunt. Just as each stroke of my brush held intention, so too does every aspect of this creation.

With every glance at my completed piece, I am reminded of the art that exists not only in the world of painting but also in the experiences that shape us.

Onto the next one! Hope you enjoyed!

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