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As an artist you have to be willing to try new things. That’s exactly where this piece came from. I was inspired by 3D paintings on 2D canvases. I tried to give the view that the cannabis plant was going through it’s own frame. This piece has over 40 hours of time put into it and is an original one of one. This baby will not be made into prints because, well, she’s just that special!! 
The blue hues in this piece really pop off the canvas and jump out at you in any room setting. 
I was able to further my knowledge of 3D drawing and creating shadows from the plant on this piece. I love when I can take a concept and incorporate it into my work in my own style. 
This canvas was done in acrylic paint and has a clear coat for extra protection from uv rays and dust particles.
Measuring 11x13in in size this canvas is wrapped on a wood frame. 

Abstract Blue