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Introducing the fifth installment of my Backwoods series, Backwoods B! This canvas captures the iconic flavors and essence of the renowned Backwoods cigar brand in all its glory.

Immerse yourself in a multi-flavored array of Backwoods labels, each representing a unique and tantalizing taste sensation. From the classic Sweet Aromatic to the bold and robust Russian Cream, every Backwoods aficionado will find their favorite flavor represented in this vibrant print.

As a centerpiece, a meticulously crafted blunt, adorned with my signature take on the Backwoods logo, stands poised and ready to elevate your smoking experience. The blunt's intricate details and the artist's interpretation of the Backwoods logo add an extra layer of authenticity and allure to this captivating print.

Whether you're a seasoned Backwoods connoisseur or simply appreciate the brand's rich history and cultural significance, Backwoods B is the perfect addition to your home décor. Hang it proudly in your living room, den, or any space where you want to celebrate the enduring legacy of Backwoods.

Order your copy of Backwoods B today and let the flavors and aromas of Backwoods come alive in your home!

Original: 12x16in

Print: 13x17in luster velvet finish

Backwoods - B-

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