Most Cannabis plants are green, but occassionally you get to whitness purple and pink hues.  This lady was inspired by the first plant I got the chance to grow by myself. It had no strain name, she was an unreleased breeding project.  In the garden next to other plants she towered over everything. But what really caught my eye was her colors.  In Vegetation state she was all hues of green like the others. When she got to the Flowering stages though is when she began to shine! She outstretched the rest, and what i thought would be a little bit of purple to her leaves began to take over!  The calyx changed from bright greens to deep purples.  her hairs grew in with tips of vibrant magenta.  I was blessed to see how incredible Cannabis can be. there was no change in her room temperature to change her colors, she just thrived!!! 

This oval canvas original measures approx 20in long and 14in wide.

blue Future

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