My art comes from adventures into a meditation state, my mind can be free and let go of the "worlds normal"  I am able to fully embody my artistic powers and release my truth  to canvas. This piece is a story.  She is many years in the making.  

in 2005 this canvas became a school art project with watercolors and flowers, she evolved into modern blue wall art that sat to inspire me daily in my college studio.  Her journey continued into my families first home getting a golden splash to help shine the sun around the room. In 2018 she found herself on my studio wall again, but this time more so glaring at e to finish her or give her a make over.  Life changed and we moved cross country to another state, she came with us findig home in the kitchen corner.  While meditating about a new series her blue hues and shimmering golds were blinding me, calling me to let her live again! I realized looking at this canvas that she was a beauty with all of her stories. She has lived a life, watching me all these years and I never gave her the attention she diserved.  Low and behold I gave her my time and my freedom to find her crown and show her glory.  It is time for this beauty to live her life to inspire others, to bring golden streams of light into others lives.  

this canvas is a 24x36in and is an original one of one. 

Diosa De La Luna Azul