A classic staple in stoner lifestyle is the blunt. We smoke all kinds, but the classic well known is backwoods. There’s-always a good story when a backwood is involved! Honey Berry has always been one of my favorite flavors of backwoods so it had to be the first canvas of this series.  There’s just something about rolling up a wood, the feeling up taking out the guts and hoping there are not holes in the wrap! The ritual of placing your medicine in the wrap and sealing it with a kiss. Lighting it up to take the first puff. Inhale the good sh*t and exhale the bull sh*t. A blunt has an experience and so should the artwork. 
The first of its kind this”Honey Berry” does not disappoint in person.  Combining 48 packaging wraps and measuring 12x24in in size with a thick clear coat to protect from aging. 

Honey Berry Backwoods