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The Magnolia: A Rebirth of Beauty and Strength

This next piece is a personal one – the Magnolia print. Inspired by the stunning magnolia trees that grace our Oklahoma landscape, it's also a symbol of my own artistic journey.

Magnolias, with their large, white blooms, have been revered for centuries for their connection to rebirth. As these ancient flowers push through the earth each spring, bursting forth in vibrant color, they represent the cyclical nature of life and the power of starting anew. Doesn't that resonate with where I'm at right now?

Just like the magnolia, I'm experiencing a rebirth of my artistic spirit. After a decade spent exploring cannabis art, I'm stepping back into the world of florals, rediscovering the joy of creating and pushing my boundaries. The magnolia represents this creative awakening perfectly.

And let's not forget the magnolia's association with feminine energy. These blooms symbolize beauty, grace, and a deep connection to nature. As I tap into this inner source of feminine power, my art flourishes. The confidence to explore new directions, the strength to refine my style – it all comes from within.

My take on the magnolia captures the essence of both rebirth and feminine power. The deep, rich maroon background creates a sense of mystery and depth, while the bold white and yellow magnolia clipping pops with undeniable elegance. This captivating print is available in a 13x19in size, printed on beautiful luster paper, ensuring all the details shine through.

So, are you ready to bring a touch of magic, a hint of spiritual serenity, and a celebration of your own inner strength into your home? Add the Magnolia print to your collection today!


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