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Add a touch of pop art and cannabis culture to your space with this captivating 8.5x11in photo print of my original canvas, Russian Cream. Part of my Backwoods series, this piece features the iconic Backwoods labels alongside a stuffed blunt and a delectable Russian Cream drink, creating a classic and eye-catching composition.

Inspired by pop art's bold colors and graphic design, Russian Cream captures the essence of cannabis culture and the allure of the Backwoods brand. The vibrant hues and playful arrangement of elements make this print a statement piece that will add a touch of personality to any room.

Order your copy of Russian Cream today and let the vibrant energy of pop art and cannabis culture come alive in your home!

Product Features:

High-quality photo print of my original canvas

Vibrant colors and bold design

8.5x11in size

Russian Cream Backwoods Photo Print

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