Geo Series Story: 

I have always had a love for sacred geometry, abstract art, and everything space related. After finishing up my series of the Cosmos, I have still been playing with smoky textures and layering.  With this series I wanted to use mainly squares and triangles, my last series was very circular and based on the moons.  This one was more focused on straight lines and color pops.  I did not add color other then the plant because I wanted each the background and the plant to stand to gether as one but to stand out on their own too.  There is enough space for them to each be apart of the art as awhole. this series is a smaller focus pack.  Can be purchased individually or as a series, for series purchase please email or Direct message on Instagram.

Original canvas part of he Grey Geo series, size: 12x24in canvas

no prints to be made. comes numbered and signed.

Squared Perspective

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price