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The Pink Peony: A Blast from the Past (and a Burst of Color!)

Hey there! This little beauty right here, the Pink Peony, is more than just a flower painting – it's a trip down memory lane for yours truly.

Back in my late teens, I was a tattoo apprentice, learning the ropes and honing my artistic voice. Bold lines and realistic colors became my signature style – a blend of illustration and new school that felt uniquely me. Fast forward a decade, and guess what? I was knee-deep in a world of cannabis art! Don't get me wrong, I have loved every minute of it, but after ten years of painting one incredible plant, I felt the itch to explore.

The Pink Peony is my way of stepping back into the sunshine, revisiting the early days when I first fell in love with creating. It's a chance to relive those amazing memories of learning and growing as an artist. And let me tell you, this flower packs a punch! The vibrant colors practically leap off the canvas (it's a 20x24in original, by the way, done in acrylics for that extra pop).

Feeling the nostalgia vibes? You can snag a piece of this floral story for yourself! I have high-quality digital prints available in a sweet 13x19in size, printed on beautiful luster paper that shows off all the details.

So, are you ready to add a touch of bold beauty and a dash of artistic history to your space? Grab your Pink Peony today!

Also available in print size 13x19in

The Pink Peony

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