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Mae Carson. @Em.Aye.Ee

Mary Jane is my Muse. No seriously! She really is.

Ive been an artist as long as I can remember, always drawing and creating anything I could visualize in my mind.  As a kid, people told me art was not a successful career choice. They just didn't understand my persistence and determination. After high school I did what my mother wanted and went to college. What was I thinking? College classrooms and tests were NOT my thing. I only went for the smoke breaks on the back patio to network with other students. 


One day I found myself in a tattoo studio talking to the artist about what the industry. I loved the sound of the machines and thought it was a great choice to be able to do art and get paid for my work.  Seemed legit.

What I didn't think about was if I was even cut out for the job. Four years into my career I became a wife and a mom, and quickly found myself dreading work every day and not wanting to deal with my clients requests.  In 2014 I left the industry completely.


Where does Cannabis come into it all?

That is all thanks to my better half and biggest supporter, my husband.  He has been a grower and breeder in the Cannabis world for over 20 years!! I smoked my first bowl with him, but that is for a different story. When we welcomed our son into the world in 2011 I developed some nasty Postpartum Depression that prescriptions just could not fix, they only made me worse. After 2 years of blackouts and feeling numb, my husband gave me Cannabis to treat my symptoms. Without Mary Jane I would not be who I am today.  It has been 7 years using Cannabis to treat my crippling anxiety, I am not only a better person but a better mother and wife. I am myself and I love who I am today.

Art and Cannabis just made sense.  My husband begged me for years to paint him a canvas of Romulan and it all went from there. Back in 2015 I went out to California for The Chalice Festival with my husband. I set up on the side of his booth painting for fun and had tons of people asking for my information to get pieces done.  I realized I had an opportunity that had not been done in my style yet. Cannabis Art.  I had no clue that four years later I would have a following of over 6500 on social media, and make over 300 sales!

Cannabis Art has become my life. I am a full time stay at home mom, I home school my 7 year old son, and help take care of our 14 acre farm in Southern Colorado. On top of all I also help my husband in our garden, learning everyday more and more about this amazing plant. All of this has been possible from the incredible support I get from each of my customers. I am grateful for each sale that helps me achieve my dreams of being able to stay home and raise my son in mother nature.

Thank you for all your love, all the support and for being there as a fan, but mostly a friend! I appreciate each one of you.

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