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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer custom artwork?

      Absolutely! Do you want a piece  to perfectly make your space a home? How about that picture frame you have been saving, lets put the most beautiful piece inside it!  I create customs based on YOUR needs and wants.   A small deposit is required to start the project, but payments can be arranged to fit your budget. I am able to create just about any Cannabis idea you can think of, as long as people portraits are not involved.  I do not offer painted portraits.  Please email me through my Contact page for quotes on Digital Image Customs such as logos and sticker design.  

Do you take Payments?

I sure do! I understand that you want to purchase that $1,000 canvas original, and am beyond thankful for your support. But maybe right now you only have $200.  Thats OK! I am willing to design a payment plan to fit your budget.  A deposit of 25-50% is required to hold the item and we can plan what pricing plan is best for you.  what if you decide you don't want the piece you agreed to pay for, THATS OK! I will refund all except $50 for holding the item, or you are welcome to apply your moneys paid to any other item of your choosing.

Do you make prints of all your pieces?

No. not all of my work is created in Print form.  If you would like a print of a piece please contact and I can let you know if it is available.

What materials do you use?

I am mainly an Acrylic and Spray paint artist. I do work with digital design as well. 

Do you  offer logo/graphic designs?

Of course I do!! I love creating unique artsy styled graphic images to use as logos, stickers, or prints. Pricing depends on what you are looking for. to contact me about a custom logo or graphic: You can email me at  or are you an Instagramer? contact me thru Direct Messaging : for the fastest reply.

How much does your work cost?

I do my best to cater to all stoner types. Do you only have $5 you can spend? or maybe you have a $500 budget? Either way I offer products in all price ranges and am willing to work with you on a sale. I offer payment plans on all pieces priced over $500!

Do you do events?

YES! Yes! and  more YESSS!! The best way to get to know an artist, is in PERSON!!! Events are some of my favorite things to do with my art Are you putting on an event you think my art would be killer at? let me know! I get the most gratitude from doing live painting at events and setting up my booth to sell my work. My favorite thing to do is meet the people who support me face to face.

Return Policy: 

If you are in anyway dissatisfied with your purchase PLEASE make sure to contact me! I cannot fix an issue if I don't know about it!  I will do whatever I can to satisfy all issues.  I do not offer refunds on any purchase but I am always willing to exchange for something else you may like instead. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!! 

Shipping Information:

Lets be honest for a minute. I am a full time mom who home schools her son and I spend my days caring for our 14 acre farm and 15 critters.  We live in a very small town on the Southern Colorado border and our post office is not right down the street. I am one BUSY MAMA!! Getting every order out the day it comes in is not realistic for me. So I go to town one day a week, WEDNESDAY, to handle all postage. That being said if you make a purchase on Wednesday after I have already gone to the post, your package will be shipped out on the FOLLOWING Wednesday.  If for any reason you have ordered a gift or need your item before the next shipping day, please contact me and we can work it out!

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